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Web hosting - and more.

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HUC Web Services has been providing quality-driven, reliable Internet services for over 10 years. Based in Knox County, Ohio, we provide hosting services to clients locally, nationally and worldwide.

Each hosting account comes with it's own control panel and unique features. We also provide the Softaculous installation package which includes forum, e-commerce, CMS, blog and many other software packages.

Uptime is what truly counts. Many hosts make bold claims about uptime, but usually this is just marketing talk and doesn't amount to much. Unlike other hosts who talk about uptime, we actually show you our uptime performance as monitored by the respected third party monitoring service, Alertra. You can see uptime reports for our servers on our Server Status page.

You have invested a lot of your time and money in your website, there is no need to cut corners to save a few dollars a month when it comes to web hosting. For a relatively small investment, you can host your site on one of our servers which offers the security and reliability that your business needs to grow and expand.

At HUC Web Services, we offer reliable Linux hosting at affordable prices. We provide 99.9% uptime, unparalleled speed and reliability with a 30 day money back guarantee. You will have access to maintain all aspects of your hosting via our easy to use control panel.

Web hosting is a very important part of your online presence, but at the same time, it should not be something you worry about. By hosting your website with us, you can be assured that your business will have the stable foundation that it needs to develop. We also don't have any setup fees on any of our plans, which means you can get started right away.

Our servers are state-of-the-art Intel Dual Quad-core/Hexa-coreXEON 2.0GHz servers with 256Gb of DDR3 RAM, SSD Accelerated Drives in a RAID configuration, 1Gbps Gigabyte Network Port, and a very secure kernel.

That's great, but it would all be useless without a rock-solid network, and knowledgeable support staff standing behind it.

Our networks are 100% powered by Cisco routers and switches. The networks utilize star topology consisting of Cisco Catalyst 6500 core routers with distribution handled by Cisco 3750 and access by 2950 switches. This results in a load balanced network with no single point of failure.

Our data centers are top of the line in all aspects. With multiple UPS systems, backup generators, and enough Diesel fuel to last a full week, we can be confident that our servers will never lose power, even when the grid goes black. We have over 30Gbps of network connectivity, ensuring your services are always lightning fast around the globe!

Our Support Center gives you the support you need!! With knowledgebase articles to help you quickly solve most problems yourself, you can also submit Support Tickets if you need help.

You can setup POP/IMAP email accounts, auto-responders and email forwarders in real time with the Control Panel software that comes with each account. Additionally, email can be accessed through pre-installed webmail programs, or you may install one of your choice. You can also setup as many sub-domains as you like with the Control Panel software.

Please note that we have a strict policy regarding mass email from our servers. We do not allow sites that specialize in mass email of any sort. There are also restrictions placed on each domain in the number of emails [newsletters etc] that can be sent each day.

Our package details can be found here.

HUC Web Services also delivers uncomplicated and affordable domain registration services. Compare our prices and you will not be disappointed. You can own your own domain name for only $11.99 per year! Order your domain name now!

Why don't you try us and find out what the competition already knows? We have what you're looking for.

Level 1:

1GB Storage
20GB Bandwidth
$5.00 / mo.

Level 2:

5GB Storage
100GBGB Bandwidth
$10.00 / mo.

Level 3:

15GB Storage
300GB Bandwidth
$20.00 / mo.

Level 4:

30GB Storage
500GB Bandwidth
$30.00 / mo.

All Accounts:

Control Panel, FTP, Webmail, Shopping Carts, Email Anti-virus, Statistics and much much more!

Domain Names:

.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us for only
$11.99 / yr!

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