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There have been some fairly major changes made here at HUC Web Services! These changes have been made to streamline the operations, and to keep you more fully aware of what's going on.
  1. New Billing/Support System - we've migrated over to a new billing and support system. This new system will put everything in one location, and will automate many of the tasks that were having to be done manually before. What does this mean for you?
    • The first thing you will notice is a new login form on the web site. This login form will take you directly to your Client Area. The Client Area allows you to view and update the details we hold about you, view details about the Hosting Packages and Domains you have with us, Submit Support Tickets and Order Additional Products & Services. Login information will be sent to you in a separate e-mail.
    • New Knowledgebase - The Support Center includes a Knowledgebase system with the answers to many common questions. If you have a problem or question, check in the knowledgebase first. The answer may be there.
    • Support Ticket System - this system will ensure that any problems are addressd as soon as possible, and will provide a record of communications along with a history tracking that we can use to possibly prevent future issues. You may open a Support Ticket by merely sending an email to (note that the email address you send from MUST be the same one used in your account). If you have any billing questions you can also open up a Billing Ticket via email by sending the email to
    • There will be useful file downloads in the future, such as anti-malware programs and html editors.
  2. E-mail Antivirus Protection - There is now e-mail antivirus protection enabled on all accounts. ClamAV has been installed to work alongside SpamAssassin in making your e-mail as safe and secure as possible.
  3. Updated Control Panel - The Control Panel has been updated and is now much more user-friendly with greater eas of use. You can add or remove email accounts, install free software, etc. To put it simply - YOU control your web site, not someone else.
  4. New Hosting Packages - New hosting Packages have been developed to further meet your needs. There is now a Level 1 (100M of space, 1000M bandwidth), Level 2 (250M of space, 2500M bandwidth), Level 3 (500M space, 5000M bandwidth) and Level 4 (1000M space, 10000M bandwidth). All existing accounts have been migrated to the most suitable new package.
  5. Updated Terms Of Service - In conjunction with the new Billing System, changes have been made in our Billing policies and thus change the Terms Of Service. The newb Billing Policy is as follows:
      • 14 days prior to the due date, an invoice will be generated and e-mail to the account holder
      • 7 days prior to the due date, a reminder e-mail will be sent to the account holder
      • 1 day after the due date, a past due notice will be sent to the account holder
      • 5 days after the due date, a $5.00 late fee will be added to the invoice
      • 14 days after the due date, the account will be suspended
      • 30 days after the due date, the account will be terminated. Note that this will result in the loss of ALL files, e-mails, etc associated with the account. Once an account is terminated we have no method of recovery for it.

This is just a brief rundown of the changes so far. There are more in the works, such as an affiliate program that will allow you to receive free hosting for referring people. Watch the Announcements section and your e-mails for more updates!

Thank you for using HUC Web Services!

Friday, August 3, 2007

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