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Web Site Monitoring has been added!

There is currently a massive "re-building" going on with HUC Web Services!

As part of this re-building, there are going to be many changes occuring over the next few months, including a new updated web site, new service offerings, and new pricing for current offerings (in most cases, the prices will actually be lowered!

One of the first things being implemented is free web site monitoring via Alertra for all Level 4 web packages. Your web site will be checked every five minutes, and if one of Alertra's servers detects an issue with the web site, then you will be notified immediately via email. The support team at HUC will also be notified immediately, so in many cases we will already be working on the issue before you have a chance to contact us! 

Alertra is a global web site monitoring that has been monitoring web sites since 2000, and is recognized as one of the most reliable and dependable monitoring services in existence. For more information on Alertra and it's services, visit them at .

I will keep you updated with the changes and improvents once they are ready to be implemented. 

Thank you for your support these past 10 years!!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

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