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A New Look!

The HUC Web Services web site has a new look! The new look reflects the attitude that we're moving forward, increasing our product offerings and constantly working towards maintaining the speed, reliability and security that has come to be expected from us.

Of course, with the new web site there has been some changes. The new link for the ciient area is now, so please change any bookmarks you may have set up.

Also, please ensure you read and agree to the updates Terms Of Service and Privacy Policies. This is very important (the lawyers said so).

And naturally, with change there may be some growing pains. If you notice any issues with the web site (bad links, typos, etc.), please let us know! We want everything to be as smooth as it can possibly be!

There are going to be more changes coming, and very soon. Our product offerings are going to increase beyond web hosting. 

I hope you enjoy the journey we're going to be taking together! It's going to be exciting!

Thank you for 12 wonderful years!
Jerry Barcus

Thursday, June 26, 2014

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