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This section describes how to perform some of the most common tasks on your web site...
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Most Popular Articles
Article Setting up email in Outlook Express
1. Access your Outlook Express and click on Tools: 2. Then click on "Accounts": 3. Then click on "Mail": 4. Then add your name:...
Views: 3492
Article SuExec: What it is & how it affects your CGI Scripts
HUC Web Services has enabled SuExec on all servers. This is turned on for security purposes and will not be turned off."What is SuExec?"...
Views: 3310
Article What is my absolute path?
/home/username is your account./home/username/public_html is your web files.
Views: 3176
Article Think CGI isn't working? Try this.
Here is a small test script that you should be able to upload to your directory, chmod (change permissions) to 755 and then access via the web to...
Views: 3069
Article E-mail Troubleshooting Guide
Here's a brief troubleshooting guide to setting up email. 99% of all email issues result from improper settings on the client's email program. Be...
Views: 2773

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