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Article Banned Email Attachments
The following file extensions in e-mail attachments will cause an e-mail to bounce back when...
Views: 2089
Article E-mail Troubleshooting Guide
Here's a brief troubleshooting guide to setting up email. 99% of all email issues result from...
Views: 2760
Article How do I access my webmail?
The simplest way is to click the "Webmail" button in your client area. You can also...
Views: 2606
Article Mailing List Limits Of Usage
These limitations apply to ALL email accounts, mailing lists and anything else that you use to...
Views: 2035
Article Setting up email in Outlook Express
1. Access your Outlook Express and click on Tools: 2. Then click on "Accounts": 3. Then...
Views: 3451
Article What happens to email when the server is down?
Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) on the internet will continue trying to deliver mail to your domain if...
Views: 2066

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