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Folder Use Backups (2)
How to create your own local copy backups, and how to restore your account using them.


Article How do I add a logo for my site in the URL bar in my browser?
The logo in your browser's URL bar is called a Favorites Icon (favicon) These were initially used...
Views: 1236
Article How do I change the registration information that shows up in a WHOIS search?
You will have to go to the registrar for your domain name (,, etc) in order...
Views: 1122
Article How do I find my DNS server?
Your DNS servers are listed in the Welcome email you received from HUC Web Servicess when you...
Views: 1337
Article How do I remove an old subdomain that was placed in a directory, such as /
When you delete a subdomain in cPanel, it removes the entries that take users to that subdomain,...
Views: 1148
Article How do I upload my web site?
You can upload your web site files through cPanel's File Manager (Home > Files > File...
Views: 1182
Article How do I view my site as soon as I create it?
To view your site before DNS propagates, enter yourhostip/~username in your web browser, where...
Views: 1273
Article I accidentally deleted some important files or folders. How do I get them back?
There is no undelete option. You need to restore this folder from your backups. To restore...
Views: 1122

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