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Article Are there any banned scripts?
Unfortunately, yes.The following scripts are banned due to these scripts causing harm to other...
Views: 2573
Article File Permissions
Many time a script's installation instructions or readme file will tell you that you need to...
Views: 2042
Article Is ImageMagick installed on the server?
ImageMagick is installed on all servers and is be located in /usr/bin.The perl module...
Views: 2185
Article SuExec: What it is & how it affects your CGI Scripts
HUC Web Services has enabled SuExec on all servers. This is turned on for security purposes and...
Views: 3298
Article Think CGI isn't working? Try this.
Here is a small test script that you should be able to upload to your directory, chmod (change...
Views: 3055
Article What is the path to...?
Sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail Perl: /usr/bin/perl Date: /bin/date Whois: /usr/bin/whois Web...
Views: 2224

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